Can you see me now?

It may not be the customary Viking ship, but Lincoln-based Hexagon Ragasco Viking Cylinders come with the power even Oden would love.

The propane containers come in a variety of sizes for both commercial and lifestyle consumer demands, and they are made of lightweight, all-composite metal. Viking Cylinders are crafted using a unique process, making the containers 50-percent lighter than traditional steel tanks. Each tank is also translucent. This allows consumers to see the level of propane in the tank, preventing cooks from running out of fuel before their burgers are done.

“We are introducing Viking Cylinders directly to the propane user. Our products make the activities that require propane more enjoyable. Whether it’s carrying propane to a remote campsite, down to the boat, along to your favorite tailgate or simply to your BBQ grill, a Viking Cylinder will make it easier and more enjoyable. We are confident that once a consumer uses our product, they will never go back to the steel propane tank,” Frederic Gaussen, Global Sales & Marketing director of Hexagon Ragasco, said in a statement.


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