Peyton Manning comes calling for Omaha

In advertising, the traditional “Rule of Seven” said that it took seven impressions for a customer to act on your marketing message. If that’s the case, then business is going to be pretty good in Omaha, Neb., after Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was heard to yell “Omaha!” 44 times during last Saturday’s playoff game against the San Diego Chargers.

Thanks to sideline microphones, viewers could clearly hear Manning barking out “Omaha” during his snap and audible count and, while neither Manning nor the team would explain its meaning, Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau officials knew it meant free exposure for their city. And, as Omaha was trending on Twitter, they took advantage of the opportunity, taking to the @VisitOmaha account to live tweet “We certainly appreciate all the love from 🙂 .” That message was not only seen by the account’s almost 8,000 followers, but it has also been re-tweeted more than 4,300 times.

While Omaha CVB officials have yet to decide how they’ll proceed for the Broncos game this week against the New England Patriots, they do know that a Broncos win will put the team, and most likely plenty of mentions of their city, in the Super Bowl. So stay tuned because, in the age of million dollar Super Bowl TV ads, Omaha may wind up the biggest winner of all!


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