How’s the ag business in Nebraska? Governor says it’s great

Gov. Dave Heineman made stops in Norfolk and North Platte to report that the state’s agriculture industry is strong and unemployment in the state is among the lowest in the nation.

The governor specifically pointed out livestock development and exports as contributing to the strong economy in the state.

“With more than a quarter of our economy rooted in agriculture, it’s appropriate that Nebraskans take note of recent activities that continue to strengthen our ag sector,” he said.

The state ranks high in soybean production and the production of corn, ethanol and popcorn. It is the No. 1 state in the country for cattle feeding.

Economic development also was on the governor’s mind.

“Nebraska is on the move and we want to maintain that economic momentum,” he said. “We have the second lowest unemployment rate in America. We have helped farmers and ranchers by eliminating the sales tax on repair parts for ag machinery and equipment. We’ve created a better environment for the private sector to grow jobs.”

Source: Gov. Dave Heineman’s office

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