Apple Pay has roots in Omaha

When Apple CEO Tim Cook announced Sept. 9 the upcoming release of new products and services by the Cupertino, California, technology company, few likely knew one of the most innovative features has roots in Omaha.

Payment technology company First Data Corp. had about 75 Omaha employees working on Apple Pay in its early stages. The technology will allow consumers to make payments for goods and services with the phones. It will replace traditional credit cards when paying for items at certain retailers. It is intended to be a safer, more secure way to pay. In all, First Data has about 5,000 Omaha employees.

“Apple Pay has transformed mobile payments in a way that our clients will love, and will have an impact on the industry like never before,” said Frank Bisignano, First Data’s chairman and CEO. “We’re thrilled to bring First Data solutions to support Apple Pay, along with the financial institutions, merchants developing apps and consumers to provide an easy, safe and secure way to pay with a single touch.”

A built-in security system on the upcoming iPhone 6 will allow users to securely store their credit card information and then activate the payment method with a fingerprint identification system.

Source: First Data

Source: Omaha World-Herald

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