Former Nebraska candidate launches innovative voter website

OMAHA, Neb. – Jim Esch, who ran for Congress in 2008, has launched an innovative endeavor called BallotHero to better inform Nebraska voters about candidates for every position from local school boards to the president of the United States.

When Esch ran for office, things like iPhones, Facebook and Twitter were still in their infancy. With today’s technology, however, he wants to use social media and the Internet to inform voters about the candidates and races that matter to them, be it local, state or national. It is free to sign up for the service, and voters can check their voting registration and locate their polling place. The site also offers email updates so that users can track the elections they are following.

Esch said many voters skip elections because they may not even know the elections are being held. Others show up at the polls and have no idea about any of the candidates. He hopes to sign up 10,000 users before the before the Nov. 4 elections in Nebraska.

Source: Silicon Prairie News

Source: BallotHero

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