Movie brings jobs to Nebraska

OMAHA, Neb. – As filmmakers continue making movies in Nebraska, locals find work and businesses prosper when Hollywood comes to town.

In Omaha and Fremont, production recently wrapped on the film It Snows All the Time, by Nebraska native Erich Hover. The production brought 40 jobs, 20 of which were local hires.

“Film activity brings dollars and jobs to our communities,” said State Film Officer Laurie Richards. “More than half of the 40-person cast and crew are local Nebraskans and for nearly three weeks the movie has brought in revenue to restaurants, lodging properties, car, truck and film equipment rental businesses, and people renting out their properties or businesses for filming.”

The film is about a man diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia (a disease similar to Alzheimer’s) at the age of 58. The project filmed on location in Fremont and Omaha for 17 days.

“We plan on releasing the film through established film festivals across the nation and have already been contacted by several distributors, based on the subject matter,” Hover said. “I feel that the movie’s success will shine a positive light on the state.”

Source: Nebraska Department of Economic Development

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