Lincoln economy soaring, mayor has data to prove it

LINCOLN, Neb. – Mayor Chris Beutler recently touted the city’s soaring economy and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.

The mayor credited public/private partnerships as the instrument that has helped the city thrive.

“As the result of partnerships, hard work and a common vision, our community is now experiencing rapid growth,” Beutler said. “We see expansion projects in all quadrants of the city. Our unemployment rate is down to 2.8 percent, and the number of people employed hit an all-time record. Sales tax and property tax revenues are increasing, building permits have rebounded, and plans are being developed for several business expansions and additional development opportunities. I can’t help but feel that we are in the beginning of what might be referred to as a ‘golden age,’ that is a defining uplifting period in the history of our community.”

The mayor visited Hudl, a video editing software company for sports teams, and lauded the company’s ranking as the fastest-growing private company in the state for two years running. He hailed its role working to foster entrepreneurial growth in the state.

The city has experienced strong growth in employment, construction employment, housing permits, financial services and vehicle taxable sales. It also has posted strong growth numbers in areas including labor, manufacturing, net taxable sales, and employment gains in health care, state government and construction. Employment in Lincoln also continues to outpace the nation.

“We had to make tough budget decisions in order to maintain the core services that are essential to our residents,” he said. “At the same time, we had to find ways to promote economic development – a top priority for our community. By forming partnerships, we found ways to fund projects to improve our business climate and quality of life and to create opportunities that ultimately lead to a brighter future.”

Source: City of Lincoln Mayor’s Office

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