Omaha Steaks makin’ bacon with new product lines

OMAHA, Neb. – Omaha Steaks has expanded its business with the launch of three “steak-cut” bacon options. The products include precooked bacon, bacon-wrapped filet mignons, pepper-bacon wrapped fillets, bacon-wrapped pork chops and jumbo bacon-wrapped scallops.

The steak-cut bacon is a thick bacon and comes eight slices per pack. Omaha Steaks offers the product applewood smoked, peppered and Cajun flavored.

The new products are in response to an increased demand for bacon.

“Bacon continues to soar in popularity, it’s not just for breakfast anymore. Omaha Steaks is excited to expand our bacon offering with these great new gourmet additions perfect for any meal or recipe,” said Senior Vice President Todd Simon. “Our Steak-Cut bacon is the same quality our customers have come to expect from Omaha Steaks, it’s so thick you can literally cut it with a knife.”

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