MSA Brand Products salutes Old Glory in Fairbury

FAIRBURY, Neb. – One business in Nebraska is growing in stature and patriotism as it produces American flags actually made in America. MSA Brand Products began producing replicas of Old Glory last year, and hopes to have a staff of 25 by the end of this year.

Owner Fred Arnold felt is was important that American flags be available that are produced here. While his flags cost more than those made in China, he said people are willing to pay for quality.

The facility formerly housed the Swingster Co. factory, but it was closed in the late 1990s and the work was outsourced overseas. Arnold purchased the building in 2000 to grow his packaging business.

In addition to American flags, the facility houses his other businesses including a cardboard packaging company and the printing press for 10 newspapers. He also owns a trucking business next door. In all, Arnold has about 85 employees.

Source: Omaha World-Herald

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