Pellet Technology USA launches cattle feeding product

GRETNA, Neb. — Pellet Technology USA has launched PowerFeed Pellets designed to feed and nourish cattle. The commercial launch of the product is in response to reduced pasture land in which cattle can graze.

In a recent 300 head/84 day cattle feed trial, the product increased the final body weight of cattle an average of 65 pounds when fed up to 1 percent of body weight in comparison to grazing alone.

“When Pellet Technology USA processes underutilized residues and commodities, adds nutritional value, and implements quality controls to produce a consistent feed, we help farmers and cattlemen work from one producer to another in the most efficient way possible … because every acre and every head counts,” said founder and COO, Russ Zeeck.

As Pellet Technology USA is bringing PowerFeedTM Pellets to the market, they are simultaneously launching what they have termed the Voice & Value Program. This program is a way for cattle feeders that could use an advantage on quality feed to align with PTUSA’s Gretna, Neb., facility. The program allows for feeders to have a voice in the company’s future product lines as well as a way for PTUSA to build a conversation with their cattle feeder customers.

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