Bulu Box launching new software

LINCOLN, Neb. — Bulu Box plans to launch Bulu Insights, a proprietary software that collects sample surveys, user profiles and purchase behaviors of consumers.

The company recently secured $1.5 million in funding to launch the project. Bulu Insights utilizes data collected from Bulu Box, including consumer sample surveys, user profiles and purchase behavior to provide companies with actionable data.

“We use our customers’ feedback to guide all decisions on BuluBox.com. Now we’re ready to package up that same data and provide it to our Brand Partners so they can gain valuable product and consumer intelligence all while getting their samples to qualified, paying customers,” said Bulu Box co-founder and CMO Stephanie Jarrett. “We were impressed by the revenue growth of Bulu Box, but what really excites us is the data play with Bulu Insights,” said Flyover Capital General Partner Keith Molzer. “We have yet to see anyone in the industry that, in our opinion, has the product intelligence of Bulu Insights and such a powerful platform for health-oriented consumer product manufacturers.”

Bulu Insights users can view customer psychographics, track the success of their Bulu Box sampling program and anonymously compare their products against industry benchmarks. Companies have used data from Bulu Insights to produce record sales, reformulate products, adjust packaging and land on retail shelves. NightFood used Bulu Insights data to reformulate its bedtime snack bar and become a best-selling product nationwide.

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