Aventine Renewable Energy expands operations

AURORA, Neb. — Aventine Renewable Energy has installed its third corn-oil separation system in Aurora to expand its dry-milling capabilities.

The $4.4 million Valicor corn-oil separator helped the company regain its fortunes after it faced bankruptcy as recently as 2012.

“By adapting new technologies to the dry-milling process, we’re able to extract and market higher value co-products, which allow us to expand our revenue stream, continue to add shareholder value, and diversify beyond ethanol production in Nebraska,” said Mark Beemer, Aventine president and CEO.

Since corn oil has a higher market value, removing the oil improves dried distillers grain processing properties. The industrial-grade byproduct from the two Aurora plants will be used primarily for biodiesel or as an additive to livestock feed for higher caloric diets. Aurora West can produce 10,000 gallons of corn oil a day.

Source: Business Wire

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