LI-COR flips on new lighting technology in Lincoln

LINCOLN, Neb. — LI-COR, a leader in light sensor technology for more than 40 years, has launched a light measurement tool for use in a number of applications.

The company has launched a redesigned pyranometer, quantum sensor, photometric sensor, and line quantum sensor, all providing improved high-speed measurements with microsecond response times. LI-COR sensors are proven performers designed for continuous monitoring in a wide variety of applications including environmental research, weather stations, greenhouses, architectural lighting and for the solar industry.

“We know it’s the data that matters,” said Dave Johnson, LI-COR product manager. “Our sensors have an established reputation for providing solid data in even the harshest conditions. We knew we had set the bar high for this new generation of sensors and that included engineering even more robust sensor housings and redesigning the optics of the quantum sensor for better, more accurate measurements.”

Source: PR Newswire

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