TrueJoy expands dance line products in Lincoln

LINCOLN, Neb. — TrueJoy has launched a new line of active dance wear from its home in Lincoln. The company’s Activewear line offers a variety of products from individual tops to complete outfits.

“We are so excited to introduce this unique new high quality active wear,” said Joy Thompson, co-founder of TruJoy Activewear. “Once you feel the fabrics and try on this new line you will be hooked!”

Thompson, and director of True Dance, Shari True, collaborated building unique dancewear that would stand out in a crowd. It all started with the “Wave Club Shorts” also known as the “granny panties.” This was designed to feature a dancer’s long leg lines but provide full coverage and remain secure on the leg. Over time, the design became perfected on models for an active lifestyle and TrueJoy was born. Their daughters have been instrumental in the fit, product design, and style that define this company. TrueJoy Activewear’s line is here striving to find clothes that have great fit, beautiful style, and excellent quality. Our style allows our customers to define themselves in a unique way.

TrueJoy Activewear strives to make apparel unique in design, with quality fabric, and excellent fit. All products are designed and made in the U.S.A with select quality materials.

Image courtesy of TrueJoy Activewear

Source: PR Newswire

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